June 13, 2012

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Zero Benefit Spending Strikes Again

street sign
The cutesy little logos shown above are currently being installed on city street signs.

Is The City Wasting Your Tax Dollars
With 'Botanical' Street Signs?

Here we go again folks. More of your hard earned tax dollars being peed right down the drain without any possible benefit to local, or for that matter, out-of-town residents.

Some deep thinker at city hall has decided we now cannot live without that little 'botanical' cutesy logo they've adopted on nearly every darn thing out there. This time it's on street signs. Why do we need this waste of money?

Will it help anyone find a street they are looking for while in the city? No.

Will it make the street signs easier to read? No.

Will it enhance a visitor's impression of the city? No.

So then, just what does this money-waster do for us?

The answer is nothing, like too many other knothead ideas that come out of city hall.

Sure it's nice to have little details like that IF we can afford it. The trouble is we can't. When oh when, will council rein in this runaway spending that has zero benefit to we taxpayers? And just think of the labour costs to install these gems. Add that to whatever the signs cost and it is pure waste.

Surely to goodness they are not that stupid. Or are they?

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