September 17, 2012

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Pardon Me, But What Did They Say?

Nolan Crouse:

Read the latest blog from the mayor of St. Albert? You should. In only the second entry in nearly three weeks the mayor admits to being a speeder and claims to have learned his lesson from 'photo radar'.

This from a mayor who in the past was howling about fine revenue from photo radar not being high enough.

He obviously forgot this part of his photo radar history
as noted in the St. Albert Gazette.

"Mayor Nolan Crouse has several times expressed his displeasure with missed forecasts within the fine revenue realm. A few years ago council approved the hiring of another municipal enforcement officer under the premise that it would be revenue neutral. But that hasn’t happened."

So which is it mayor Crouse, a safety tool or a cash cow? Any honest politician will tell you it is the latter.

And then there was this from Guy Boston:

In an editorial in the Saturday issue of the St. Albert Gazette entitled 'City hall shows positive signs', we get this gem:

"Now the city has ushered in a new investment attraction manager, Aaron Latimer. The justifications for the new position have been vague, but it seems that Latimer and Boston will somehow share the duties previously performed by Boston."

“I needed someone that can do what I can do,” Boston said while explaining the hiring move to the Gazette."

Pardon me if I just don't get it folks, but isn't that more properly called 'a duplication of staffing'? Why would we possibly need two people with exactly the same skill set to fill a single position?

Oh sorry, I forgot. Staffing bloat added to the toll on taxpayers is the accepted way in the city of St. Albert.

The Photography Of Paul C.

A couple of nice sunset shots from Paul, sunset on the North Saskatchewan river (top) and Dolberg Lake.


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A Real Water Bed

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Playing Tomorrow Night At LB's Pub

September 18

Our 200th Show At LB's Pub

Big Hank Lionhart (Vocals) and

Steve Boddington (Guitar and vocals)

Big Hank
- Started his musical career in high school in 1965 in Edmonton doing the top forty scene for nine years, then in 1974 he was fortunate to get offered the lead vocalist spot with legendary Hot Cottage, Edmonton's premier blues band at the time. Hank found his new love singing the blues and sang with Hot Cottage until 1978 then he moved to Victoria, BC and formed Uncle Wiggly's Hot Shoes Blues Band who were signed to RCA Records and did a Canadian Tour to support their Tom Lavin, Blue Wave produced debut album. This was followed by a second album and more touring. The band opened shows for Muddy Waters, Joe Cocker, James Cotton, George Thorogood, Koko Taylor, The Neville Brothers, and John Mayall to name a few. The band disbanded in 1982. Hank then moved to Vancouver and formed the R&B Toasters, a mainstay in the Vancouver R&B scene for five years this band was followed by the Kingpins with Jack Lavin former member of Powder Blues and they recorded two CDs and were on the A circuit on the west coast for five years. Hank relocated to Edmonton to join the members of Tacoy Ryde and form A Fist Full of Blues who are now in their sixth year and have two CDs to their credit of all original tunes. Everyone in the band writes and pride ourselves on the tight live performances. Discography: Uncle Wiggly's Hot Shoes Blues Band - Debut - RCA 1980 - Uncle Wiggly's Hot Shoes Blues Band - Here Comes Another - Independent - 1982 - The R&B Kingpins - Knocken 'Em Down - Live at the Yale - Independant - 2004 - The R&B Kingpins - This Road - Independent - 2005- Uncle Wiggly's Hot Shoes Blues Band - Bluesography - 2008 - Big Hank and A Fist Full of Blues - Lightning Strike my Boogie - Independent - 2009 - Big Hank and A Fist Full of Blues - Bluesville - Independent - 2011- Uncle Wiggly's Hot Shoes Blues Band - Wig Out - 2011 - The R&B Toaster and Butterhorns - Live - 2011.

Steve - Guitarist from Edmonton, Alberta (Born: 1949, Stockport, Cheshire, England). Lived in Edmonton since 1960. Started professional career as a drummer with Wally Curtis and the Shades (1965). Began playing guitar shortly after and played with the St. James Infirmary (1966-68). Heavily influenced by British blues guitarists Eric Clapton, Peter Green and the Three Kings. Started the band, Cat’s Squirrel in 1969. Played with Saskatoon recording artists, Witness Inc. (1970-71). Upon returning to Edmonton in 1971, formed the band “Hot Cottage”, in order to have a vehicle through which to explore the blues. Hot Cottage (1971-present) is still one of the longest lived Edmonton Blues bands. In 1981, attended the University of Alberta, eventually graduating with a Ph.D. in Educational History in 2000, all the while playing the blues he loves! I am so excited to finally get Steve in front of our fan base. I was honoured to be asked to fill in with Hot Cottage for a gig thanks to Big Hank and thats where I finally got to experience what I had always heard about this very respected local guitarist. Steve's guitar style and sound is amazing and has a tasty aggressive bite to it. He was right to my right on stage and that gave me a great comfort zone not to mention having the king himself Big Hank in front of me.

A huge thanks to Kenny Skoreyko, Moosehead beer,, The Beier family at LB's Pub, our fan base and patrons, all jammers, and our great regular staff for all the support you have given us for these 200 weeks at LB's Pub.

The Tuesday
Open Stage

Every Tuesday night from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Hosts Mark Ammar, Jim Dyck and Randy Forsberg
Moosehead Beer Specials and barsnbands prizes

Moosehead Beer


LB's Orange

By Don Sinclair