Citizens May Want Their Own Satisfaction Survey

Over the many years since Ms. Ratchinsky was mayor (pre-1999), many neighbours and other people that I’ve spoken to have expressed skepticism about the results of the City's "satisfaction surveys".

They couldn't agree that the community's attitude was truly reflected in the survey results. Who can say why?
Further to our discussion the other day, I am sending this suggestion for you and your readers consideration. Now that online surveys (and tabulation) are possible, and most homes are online, we think that a survey of taxpayers, even if rather homemade, might better reflect the real views of local residents. Hopefully it will receive a non-biased response which shows the true feelings of St. Albert taxpayers.
Also it would be helpful to individual taxpayers in clarifying what the community's attitude is on these fundamental questions. It may also be helpful in verifying the veracity of the City's survey results and to be helpful to our City Council. Who knows? Maybe the results would be similar.
The questions have been designed in such a way that no bias is inserted by consultants or city department heads and may better reflect the opinions of local residents.

It is also important to point out to your readers that this system of polling an adhoc section of the public is by no means the proper way to prepare a random sample and could be argued as scientifically inaccurate. By inviting St. Albert Gazette readers to participate via an advertisement to broaden the scope, it may offer some additional insight into residents opinions.

Grahame Allen, MCIP, Ret.
St. Albert
For the benefit of readers, MCIP stands for Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners. For the record SAP is providing this service free to the citizens group and will announce the results when available. The poll will remain online until midnight on May 14. Please be sure to answer all 10 questions below:

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