October 30, 2014

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How The City Plans
To Destroy Downtown

St.AnneStreetRealignmentPlan (1) copy 2

Here is a first look at the new downtown road surface plan leaked to SAP by an anonymous reader who wrote, “stupid is as stupid does downtown traffic plan jack”.

The destruction of much of what we fondly know as downtown will soon be complete.

Click on the image above to see the full size version of the plan.

Is it too late to save downtown from this awful and totally unnecessary plunder?

The Photography Of Paul Dicaire
The backroads of Alberta

Discussion Forum
Exchange Of The Day

SUBJECT: Mayor Crouse’s Expense Double Dipping

* In my opinion, the reason why informed citizens must feel betrayed by the majority of council last night in their rejecting Councillor Hughes' motion to hire an independent auditor to audit Mayor Crouse's expense accounts; and opting for an audit by the administration is simply this. It is also an excellent reason why uninformed citizens ought to get informed.
We understand that all other members of council who were/are attending CRB meetings have been following proper procedure: The city bills CRB for these councillors' per diems and expenses; the councillors then submit expense accounts to claim these.
That is the way it has worked.
Only Mayor Crouse has failed to do this since he was elected CRB chair in February 2012, taking his compensation paid directly to Crouse Developments by CRB.
The administration has had the responsibility to monitor expense accounts. And that Mayor Crouse's expense accounts did not follow procedure ought to have been glaringly obvious.
So: did the administration fail to pick this up by monitoring the accounts properly by reason of negligence?
Or did they notice it and decide to look the other way? In other words were they complicit?
Take your choice. But it leads me to not trust the administration to audit the "boss'" expense account history scrupulously.
And it leads me to conclude that the majority of council has voted for the possibility of a whitewash.
"Circle the waggons, boys" What other conclusion can informed taxpayers possibly come to?

* The whole Heron motion to audit the entire council so that Crouse could then come in to vote ..... to try and save his own skin ... and the idea that the audit should be done internally by the administration ... is bush league stuff you would only expect from some third world banana republic.

* @geddy RE: "So: did the administration fail to pick this up by monitoring the accounts properly by reason of negligence?"
Whether negligent or complicit, we're treading in quicksand; a lawyer for the city says we can't expect the admin team to do their jobs correctly every time.

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crouse crimestoppers


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Paying For People’s Groceries

How would you react if someone stepped up and paid for your groceries. Watch how others react.


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Crazy Thoughts!

Crazy Thoughts!
At what point in man's evolution did he start wiping his ass?

Do bald people get Dandruff?

Why is it that no matter what colour bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?

Why do superheros wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes?

If you get cheated by the Better Business Bureau, who do you complain to?




A roundup of bits from the web.

* A Shipping Container Costs About $2,000. What These 15 People Did With That Is Beyond Epic.

* Best Of Transportation Design In 2013-2014.

* 17 Hilariously Crazy and Brilliant Inventions Only Japan Could Have Thought Up.


Wonderfun Hockey Registration November 10

Hi Don,
I am hoping you can help me out. Can you please put a “reminder” on your website that Wonderfun Hockey registration night is Monday November 10
th? Thank you for having our link on your website – we really appreciate it!
Thanks again for your help,
Your neighbour,

Sharon Magnuson
St. Albert

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Shopping With The Wife


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Good News! Beer And Billiards Help Beat Ageing

Good News
Researchers say enjoying a pint or a tipple while playing billiards helps keep men over the age of 70 active.

The game - often associated with booze, dusty bars and working men's clubs - provides pensioners with the perfect exercise because of its long periods of rest between activity, according to the study.

Anthropologist Aske Lassen said 'billiards and beer' should be included in the official policy papers on 'active ageing' issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Union (EU).

More in the EXPRESS.


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