September 30, 2014

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About Those City Utility Fee Increases

So here we go.  Another $300 per year in utility fees because we are using our MSI fund reserves for pet projects now.  The effect of this is more than a 7% increase in taxation in the form of a utility increase for the average property owner in St. Albert.  For the average taxpayer paying $4000 per year, this is a 7.5% increase.  Add that to the 3.4% projected increase for property taxes next year and the cost to live in St. Albert tax wise will be 11% next year.  Mr. Draper, you were talking about reasonable taxation?  How can any member of council think that this is acceptable?
This is exactly what I said would happen in the election.  I drew this almost exactly the same on the board when I made my presentation at the SATA meeting before the election.  I was called out on this by the candidates and the Mayor and it was said I was misleading the public.   Who is telling the truth now?
We have been lied to in St. Albert by our leaders.  They care nothing about us.
Ted Durham
St. Albert

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SUBJECT: Phase out of MSI from Utility Capital Rates

* Then Ted, like I said before, please share the numbers you are using... Your tax increase of 11% is almost twice what Sheena said during council and at Poliwings. I certinly agree with you that the increase (whether 6% ot 11%) is insane, i just cant get to the 11% like you have. So please, let me know how you are calculating this.
Again, I still feel the bigger issue around all this is how the flat tax is going to hurt those who cannot afford it more than the average citizen and how questions like multifamily has not been adressed. THe motion to remove MSI is far too premature and there are way to may quesitons.

* Dana, I would expect you would say I am wrong.  What is new.  I don't think you understand the numbers quite the same way I do.  I actually calculate costs from real figures.  I have been using the figures that the City of St. Albert has been using in public for the last two years.  
I will say that I can't support you in a bid for council and none of my friends really like your direction.  You seem to dispute anything I say.  It is what I expect from you and your friends.

* I agree with Shelley.  Our bills are similar.  We are going to get gouged.

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Kinetic Rain at Terminal 1

Kinetic Rain is the icon of the revamped Departure Check-in Hall. This specially commissioned moving sculpture is made up of 1,216 bronze rain droplets that transform elegantly into multiple shapes, akin to poetry in motion. Come and see Kinetic Rain for yourself at Changi Airport Terminal 1 Departure Check-in Hall.


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Crazy Thoughts!

Crazy Thoughts!
Why put a towel in the dirty clothes basket if when you get out of the shower you are clean?

What happens to an irresistible force when it hits an immovable object?

If there's a speed of sound and a speed of light is there a speed of smell?

Why do overalls have belt loops, since they are held up at the top by the straps?

Do people in prison celebrate halloween .... if so how?




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* Myth of arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago.

* 99 cans of beer in a pack.

* The Best Craigslist Response Ever. This Man Is An Evil Genius.

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1966 Dodge Charger

1966 Dodge Charger


Ah, The Memories

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Awful '50s Marriage Advice

Awful '50s
A long-running Ladies' Home Journal column that started in 1953, called "Can This Marriage Be Saved?," features real-life couples and the juicy details of their marital issues.

The columns were split into three parts: a wife's perspective, her husband's take and then final judgment by a counsellor from the American Institute of Family Relations. AIFR was a successful, but now defunct, center founded in the 1930s by "Dr." Popenoe. He wasn't actually a doctor or a psychologist but a eugenicist with an honorary degree. Very often, Popenoe's counsellors found a way to pin problems on the wives, calling them "childish," "juvenile," "emotionally immature" and "frigid," for example.

Early "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" columns, which continue today at Divine Caroline without the sexist overtones, show us how far women's equality has come -- but also how far we have to go.

Here are five horrifying pieces of advice from the magazine.


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