October 25, 2014

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Gazette Editorial Newest Demand:
Demand For Audit Of
Nolan Crouse Grows

In an editorial in today’s issue, the St. Albert Gazette has obviously done its homework and along with most of the citizens of this community is calling for an independent audit of Crouse’s actions over the past year.

nolansmall size
The editorial, entitled, “Mayor is not above review” in part states, “Since the first anniversary of the last election recently passed, the Gazette's editorial board got together with Mayor Crouse to discuss some of the issues that have plagued him this term. These issues are more than just troubling the mayor, they are also interfering with the good governance this city rightly deserves and Crouse finds himself in the middle of controversy, in part, because of his past actions.

Crouse opened the meeting with what he termed the “elephant in the room,” speaking to the expenses he admittedly claimed twice. While there was nothing new to his explanation, his justification might point to why Crouse finds himself under fire. Crouse said one of his strengths is a dedication to public service, but added taking care of his own affairs – especially when dealing with money he is owed – is one of his weaknesses. “Money coming to me is irrelevant,” he said.

This statement is puzzling and inconsistent. His refusal to consider an independent audit while having city staff, under his control, perform another review of the expenses gives his critics additional fodder: that our mayor has placed himself on a pedestal and is somehow beyond reproach.”

St. Albert’s Place On The Web urges every citizen of this community to read the editorial as well as a
letter to the editor by local resident David Merritt who explains why such an audit is now mandatory. Mr Merritt wrote in part, “I think it was correct of Councillors MacKay and Hughes to bring the matter formally to Council. Ms. Barrington-Moss’ may be right stating they could have done so less fervently, but presentation notwithstanding the subject needed to be raised and now needs to be fully addressed. The dollar value of the duplicate travel claims is so far relatively small. But whether its $10 or $1,000 it’s not the value of the duplicate claims that’s important but the fact they were made at all, how they were made, and that there may have been a pattern to it.

This issue cannot be ignored. There should be a thorough investigation into the facts of the matter to ensure our Mayor has not been just “forgetful” but has not acted in breach of public trust.

It’s the formal duty of both the remainder of city council, city administration, and city legal counsel to ensure that a rigorous, thorough, and impartial investigation – one that will withstand external, public and legal scrutiny - is carried out immediately.”

Crouse’s status as a lame duck mayor is now complete with a poll on our site showing 89 percent of readers preferring that Crouse resign as mayor over the issue.

The Gazette even mentions the incident that took place on June 25 of 2013 at the Community Hall during a St. Albert Taxpayers Association meeting when Crouse used the very foulest of language in front of his fellow candidate for mayor, Shelley Biermanski. I personally interviewed a half dozen people who confirmed his language to me at the time. One female who attended the meeting could not bring herself to utter the obscenity to me and instead pulled out a piece of paper from her purse and showed it to me. She had written down the two words on a piece of scrap paper when they were shouted out by Crouse.

old reporter small
The focus now beams squarely on the shoulders of four councillors, Brodhead, Heron, Osborne and Prefontaine to show their integrity once again and stand up for the citizens of St. Albert who elected them to office to serve them, not Nolan Crouse.

This audit should only be placed in the hands of K Division of the RCMP as anything less will not satisfy enraged citizens of St. Albert.

Meanwhile Nolan Crouse should do the honourable thing and resign.

The Bird Photography Of Paul Chaisson

Fishin’ Alberta With Paul Chaisson

Hi Don, here is a cute video of Caleah doing her own fishing with help from Dad. We tried to bring you a smiler video last week here, but failed due to YouTube limitations. Enjoy.

Discussion Forum
Exchange Of The Day

SUBJECT: Mayor Crouse’s Expense Double Dipping

* I don't know where you filed expense claims, but if any of my staff miss an expense and file a second claim later on. I will ensure that it wasn't previously claimed, but that claim will be honoured. If any employee is entitled to be refunded expenses, they are not refused.

* Interesting question although quite mute because anyone that has ever filed an expense claim knows that after you file it you can no longer submit additional expenses. You get one shot at it and while filling this you also sign that you are 100% accurate and complete.
Crouses "missing" expenses is nothing but a ruse to distract the public from the fact that he was double dipping. In addition isn't it very odd that someone who claims to be as disorganized as Crouse is organized enough to perform a self audit over the weekend with no errors?

* Looks like he is so high on himself that he is his own accountant, lawyer and judge. A self audit won't do.
Dana, I say again ..... let us see those receipts that he supposedly missed. Are they legit or are they in the mind of the beholder.

* Quote:
Originally Posted by HWM “Dana: I'm not sure the what if discussion is really productive at this point. Let's have the investigation/audit and see how it plays out. Just my opinion.”

* 95% of this entire forum is speculative. It is a relevant question and I'll ask It again.
IF the independent audit found that mayor missed more expenses than double billing, do you (all) feel that it was still malicious attempt at theft as opposed to really sloppy book keeping? Yes or no is fine - you don't need to validate and I won't debate back. Just more curious than anything.

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The Curtain Rods

The Curtain Rods
On the first day, he sadly packed his belongings into boxes, crates and suitcases. On the second day, he had the movers come and collect his things. On the third day, he sat down for the last time at their beautiful dining-room table, by candle-light; he put on some soft background music, and feasted on a pound of shrimp, a jar of caviar,and a bottle of spring-water.

When he'd finished, he went into each and every room and deposited a few half-eaten shrimps dipped in caviar into the hollow centre of the curtain rods. He then cleaned up the kitchen and left.

On the fourth day, the wife came back with her new boyfriend, and at first all was bliss. Then, slowly, the house began to smell.

They tried everything; cleaning, mopping, and airing-out the place. Vents were checked for dead rodents, and carpets were steam cleaned. Air fresheners were hung everywhere. Exterminators were brought in to set off gas canisters, during which time the two had to move out for a few days, and in the end they even paid to replace the expensive wool carpeting. Nothing worked!

People stopped coming over to visit. Repairmen refused to work in the house.The maid quit.

Finally, they couldn't take the stench any longer, and decided they had to move, but a month later - even though they'd cut their price in half - they couldn't find a buyer for such a stinky house.

Word got out, and eventually even the local realtors refused to return their calls. Finally, unable to wait any longer for a purchaser, they had to borrow a huge sum of money from the bank to purchase a new place.

Then the ex called the woman and asked how things were going. She told him the saga of the rotting house. He listened politely and said that he missed his old home terribly and would be willing to reduce his divorce settlement in exchange for having the house.

Knowing he could have no idea how bad the smell really was, she agreed on a price that was only 1/10 nth of what the house had been worth ... but only if he would sign the papers that very day. He agreed, and within two hours her lawyers delivered the completed paperwork.

A week later the woman and her boyfriend stood smiling as they watched the moving company pack everything to take to their new home … and to spite the ex-husband, they even took the curtain rods!




A roundup of bits from the web.

* South Sudan women suggest sex strike to end civil war.

* Death in Venice: long-admired gondola feature threatened by rising waters.

* Is it a bird, is it a plane? No - it's a mystery man flying past an Airbus full of passengers.



The Hearses Of Rockin' August

The Hearses Of Rockin' August


Cool Stuff


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Just Third Of Tower Poppy Cash Goes To Help Heroes

Just A Third
It is a stunning memorial to our war dead that has captured the imagination of the nation, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

As a result, hundreds of thousands have paid £25 for one of the ceramic poppies being displayed at the Tower of London, assured that the proceeds will go to armed forces charities.

But it can be revealed today that only a third of the money raised is expected to go to good causes.

Read more in the Daily Mail.


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Torres del Paine, Chile

Colorado Landscape

Mount Yōtei, Japan

Barcelona, Spain


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